Grace in Small Things: Sunday (Stuff) Edition #147 (on a Monday)


A friend of mine is moving to another province, and so he turned his apartment into a second-hand shop over the weekend. While it's sad to see him go, I am not going to sneeze at getting my hands on this 1920s Underwood No.3 12-inch manual standard portable typewriter. It is still functional, weighs a ton, and makes my living room seven times cooler.



This same friend of mine also had a 1959 Underwood Golden Touch Quiet Tab De Luxe portable typewriter, which also came in its perfectly preserved silver carrying case. Yes, she is mine now, too.



This friend? He was such a gold mine. I may be a terrible person for getting so much joy out of profiting off his move, because I also scored this pitch pipe. I have no real need for a pitch pipe, but I have wanted one my whole life since I first saw one used in a Flintstone's cartoon.

pitch pipe


I splurged recently on an iPad mini with a Logitech magnetic keyboard cover. I took the plunge because I spent last winter cooped up working in solitary confinement. I didn't want to be as much of a hermit as I was, but I didn't want to lug my large laptop around through -30°C ice and snow when I went out to write in coffee shops. I decided it was well worth it to keep me from hiding out for six months straight.

my new iPad mini with a magnetic keyboard cover


Dirty bathroom mirror aside, new plaid can buy happiness. I don't know if it's my Canadian-ness or my having come of age during the grunge era, but Roots' move into plaid flannel this fall made me buy this shirt. I was helpless in the face of what is my clothing equivalent of comfort food, and now I am going to live in it for the next two weeks.

new plaid

Happy Monday!

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