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The Corn Snake

Aidan makes playdough things
This photo of the Palinode has nothing to do with the following story.

My phone rang in the middle of a meeting. I saw that it was the Palinode, so I hung up on him, because you can hang up on people who love you, right? He called again, though, so I answered it, thinking that it must be important.

PALINODE: You're in a meeting, aren't you?

ME: Yes, but you knew that. What's up?

PALINODE: Do you want a corn snake?

ME: A corn snake. You're calling me mid-meeting to talk about getting a corn snake?

PALINODE: It's a free corn snake on Craigslist. These people are moving, and they're even giving away the tank and his rock and some…

ME: You're calling me mid-meeting to talk about getting a corn snake.

PALINODE: A free corn snake.

ME: The cats would eat him.

PALINODE: The cats would love him. They would lick him. They might even pick his name.

ME: They would call him something stupid like Mr. Meowsers.

PALINODE: Don't insult their taste.

ME: Can we talk about this over supper?


And then my clients and I laughed about free snakes, and I never mentioned the corn snake over supper, because I can only imagine how great it would be to wake up to to a decapitated snake head in the middle of the night after one or all three of the cats decided he was the most awesome piece of string ever and I should have a snack of yummy, yummy snake brains.

So, no corn snakes are living in our apartment. Yet. I say "yet", because I said "corn snake" out loud a little while ago, and his eyes lit up like 3000-watt Christmas tree.

The end. Maybe.

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