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190/365: For Lac-Mégantic

Below is Adrien Aubert's video of the terrible fire and explosions that destroyed the centre of Lac-Mégantic, Quebec on July 6, 2013. It is stunning and disturbing.

Lac-Mégantic, Lac-Mégantic.
I repeat your name,
because yours must be spoken.
Yours is for those who are not found,
those lost in fires so hot
that buildings disappeared.

I watch your fire
so I will hold this, and,
however small,
however tenuous,
I will carry this with you,
hold at least this small weight for you,
and I will wait with you,
breathe my breath for you while you hold yours
as they count your buildings
and possessions
and loves
among your lost.

Lac-Mégantic, Lac-Mégantic.

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