I Couldn't Go to BlogHer '13, But Annie Brought Me Along, Anyway

I originally planned to attend BlogHer '13, and I even had my ticket at one point, because I have gone for the last 5 years running, but then things like life got in the way, and I had to sell my ticket to Annie of PhD in Parenting fame. As BlogHer drew near, though, I started to feel pangs of regret, because that conference has become my place to hang out with dear people I have known for ages but only get to see face-to-face once every year or two. I was pre-emptively missing everyone, so I threw out a jokey tweet about wishing I could be there, even if as a sad balloon head:

Annie ran with it. She printed up a doodle of me on stickers and sent me photos of people posing with me throughout the weekend:

@phdinparenting @uppoppedafox @redneckmommy @rebeccakeenan @QueerieBradshaw @Djazzo @_conscientious @neilochka @mrlady @mochamomma @GDRPempress @ErinMargolin @ErinBlaskie @phdinparenting @ErinBlaskie @ImFreckles @crystal_lou_who @emmawaverman @phdinparenting @DresdenPlaid @debontherocks @cecilyk @aureliacotta @5minutesformom
In order of appearance: Annie of @phdinparenting, Vikki of @uppoppedafox, Tanis of @redneckmommy, Rebecca of @rebeccakeenan, Lauren of @QueerieBradshaw, Jasmine of @Djazzo, Jenny of @_conscientious, Neil of @neilochka, Shannon of @mrlady, Kelly of @mochamomma, Alexandra of @GDRPempress, Erin of @ErinMargolin, Erin of @ErinBlaskie, Christy of @ImFreckles, Crystal of @crystal_lou_who, Emma of @emmawaverman, Dresden of @DresdenPlaid, Deb of @debontherocks, Cecily of @cecilyk, Aurelia of @aureliacotta, and Janice of @5minutesformom.

So, I didn't get to make my annual trek in person, but I still got to feel a bit of the warmth I go to BlogHer to experience every year.

Thank you so much, Annie et al. You made me feel all special and stuff.