Collector's Choice Art Gallery Has a Website!

While I was making the switch to consolidate my old Ninjamatics work site into this site here,, I wasn't able to update on the more recent work I've done over the last several months. One of those projects was to create a functioning online presentation of their framing work and a gallery of Collector's Choice Art Gallery's extensive art pieces: front page

We built the gallery using Shopify, because it offers the option of online sales should Collector's Choice choose to do that in the future, and it is a platform that allows for easier content and customer management with design flexibility and the ability to connect with an in-store payment system.

I used their original logo, but we moved to a new colour palette and a clean, bright interface.

Check out Collector's Choice Art Gallery! And, if you live in Saskatchewan, you can check them out in person at 625D 1st Avenue North in Saskatoon.

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