5 Videos Full of Heart You'll Love On Sexism, Crow Doctoring, Racism, Autism, and a Damn Happy Rabbit

This week's been hard. It's pushed me into ugly thoughts about humanity and politics and the need for love. So, I looked for love and humour, and I, of course, found it. I sometimes forget that it's never too far away. Here's some of what I found to heal what ails you.

Because we all need a break, here is some full frontal, albeit non-pornographic, nudity for you. The Daily Mail, rag that it is, wrote a stupid piece about Amanda Palmer's breast, because it happened to show up in a public place, and this was her brilliant reply:

These people pulled several porcupine quills out of a crow's head, and it let them, and then they shared a flower, so I decided humanity ain't half bad:

This woman is capital-S Smart and says some interesting stuff about the Trayvon Martin case. She made me nod along and say Yeah. Listen to her:

I have an older brother with multiple disabilities who is on the autism spectrum, and many parents have asked me if I felt my childhood was harder because I grew up with him, and I can honestly answer that it wasn't. It was all I knew, and I love him, and our way of life with his disabilities was just what was, as it would be with anyone. At any rate, this video hits me right in the chestal area:

I LOVE THIS RABBIT SO MUCH I HAVE TO YELL ABOUT IT. Seriously, everyone wants to be this rabbit:

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