196/365: Ed Norton Fantasy Poem #13, He's No Dobler


Oh, Lloyd, I said to Ed.
Don't call me that, Ed said.
You've got a bit of the Dobler in you, I said. I'm sure of it.
That was Cusack, he said.
You sure?
, he said, and it's a good thing we're not married.
Because I would divorce you right now, he said.
I think those are the sweetest words you've ever spoken to me.
Can we play Peter Gabriel's "In Your Eyes" at our wedding? I said.
No, Ed said. I'm pre-divorcing you now.
Oh, Lloyd, I said. Pre-divorce sounds so dreamy.
Does that come with rings, or do we just get a shih-tzu or something?
Screw you, Ed said. Screw you.

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