How's Your Blog Doing?

How's your blog doing?

When it comes to you and your presence on the internet, it's a common urge to phrase your answer to this question relative to how you perceive other people in your niche are doing on the internet.

Dooce has 1,548,465 followers on Twitter and The Pioneer Woman scored a cooking show on television. All I've got is a couple thousand followers and a poem in the church newsletter.

Faulkner's story notes on his office walls
These are the walls in a room in William Faulkner's house, which I visited in December 2011.

If your kneejerk response is to find people you perceive to be more successful than yourself to overshadow the force of your own accomplishments, STOP IT.

The internet is full of people who are more popular than you and have nicer skin and have more diverse talents and know better how to match paint chips to that vintage Eames rocking chair in that reading nook in their house that is big enough to have a reading nook.

Those peope are not you who shook so hard she spilled her coffee trying to hit send when she submitted that first poem to the Church Chatter. That photographer with the amazing online classes isn't you who saved all her change from grocery shopping and the drug store until she could afford her first real DSLR camera to shoot her brother's wedding.

Not to denigrate any of the skills and accomplishments of those who we deem successful, because they worked hard to be where they are, too, but they are not you. You are the person who has faced fear and adversity in your life and done it anyway. You maybe haven't stepped up to the plate every single time, but you are still the one who's done it. When it comes to the things about which you are passionate, the things that you love, you have set a standard for hard work and success, and, if you haven't, you can set that standard now.

You might not yet have been sprinkled with fairy dust or hit upon that perfect combination of your specific skill set and content and social networking that brings hundreds of thousands of internet admirers to your yard — maybe your blog is secretly acting as a springboard into something that's not even blog-related — but you likely have the possibility of success written into the threads of what you are passionate about creating.

You don't have to be the picture of your success right now to be in a great position to foster its possibility.

Your own, actual, present success is your best guide to tell you how you are doing, and the best part? Success is not a stagnant pond. It begets itself, even in its smallest pieces, and sometimes all it takes is for you to recognize your success where you have already created it.

So, on your own terms, how's your blog doing now?

The above entry has been republished from my now-defunct domain, It was originally published in April 2011 and has been edited slightly for currency.

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