Onion, Our Resident Stoner

Onion is a stoner
taken with Afterlight

That little pillow at Onion's feet is stuffed with what I assume is catnip. We got it as a gift from People For Animals Saskatchewan, because I do some work for them in the name of all the heartbreakingly sweet lost kittens that need families.

Onion dearly loves this pillow. He launches vicious sneak attacks against it around corners, hunkers down on it like a chicken with a new egg, and licks it until it is in a sopping wet puddle on the floor.

He's making a day of getting stoned today, so he keeps forgetting where it is and whines at the hall closet door until I open it to show him it isn't there. For him, it is always in the closet, because that is where we found it before he got high for the first time this morning.

Onion is our resident stoner, and, frankly, I am envious.

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