30 Reasons Why I Might Not Follow You Back On Twitter

twitter yuck

  1. You have #TeamFollowBack in your bio.

  2. You don't reply to anyone in your tweet stream.

  3. Your tweet stream is little more than a list of giveaways and sponsored posts.

  4. You are hyper-focused on one topic and never stray into human communication.

  5. You constantly tweet links telling me to follow you on another social media platform.

  6. You only retweet other people while rarely saying anything yourself.

  7. You call yourself crazy, drunk, weird, or passionate.

  8. You promise your followers things if you gain a certain number of them.

  9. You only tweet links to your blog or content on other sites.

  10. Your bio claims that you are a social media guru or maven.

  11. You promise to commit to social good activities only if your followers promote your content.

  12. You are a business who sells tractors or diaper supplies or whathaveyou three thousand miles away from where I live.

  13. You are heavy on the leetspeak.

  14. Your bio claims that you are an expert on three or more things.

  15. Your tweet stream is cluttered with app spam from the other apps you use telling me where you are, how many calories your burned running, or what your twitter stats are.

  16. You make sexist, pornographic, or otherwise hate-mongering comments.

  17. You have no bio whatsoever.

  18. Your company bio reads like a board room mission statement.

  19. Your whole stream is inspirational quotations.

  20. Your bio claims to be that of an appliance, as though I want to have a relationship with a food mixer.

  21. You have only two tweets to your name, but you already follow 2000 people, only 12 of whom follow you back.

  22. Your avatar is still the default egg picture.

  23. Your account is private and you have little to no information in your bio to help me figure out if I know you or why I would want to follow you.

  24. You have multiple people tweeting from your account but never specify whose tweet is whose.

  25. The majority of your tweet stream is you tweeting at celebrities and big brands.

  26. You use exclamation marks in every single tweet.

  27. You don't tweet in English.

  28. Your bio states that you want to spread your religion.

  29. Your bio focuses on you as a salesperson.

  30. Your content is devoted to bitching about how other people are doing it wrong :)