101 Things We Love (aka Grace in Small Things: Sunday Edition #134)

morning Onion
My kitty, Onion, is pretty darn lovely.

I asked the people on Twitter to tell me what they loved, and it turns out that they love a lot of things. They love more than a hundred of them, in fact, so I curated and edited the following compilation of our loves to spread it around a little:
  1. the sound of snapping open a fresh can of something fizzy
  2. coffee
  3. the smell of freshly cut grass
  4. reading
  5. friends who get it
  6. a fluffy cat curled up next to me and cooing like a happy pigeon while he sleeps
  7. having written
  8. a good toilet flange
  9. my husband's hands
  10. yoghurt, specifically spelled with the H in the middle
  11. holding my hand out the window of a car while going down the highway in summer
  12. a good latte
  13. great writing
  14. avocados
  15. callouses on my fingertips from playing guitar
  16. lavender
  17. my kid snoring
  18. darjeeling tea with coconut flavouring and milk
  19. the ukulele
  20. ice cold water
  21. the feel of suede
  22. new book smell
  23. the way I get goosebumps when my husband looks at me
  24. that moment in a movie you've seen a hundred times before that still takes your breath away and paralyzes you as you wait for it
  25. Hendrick's gin
  26. new jammies
  27. performing
  28. laughing
  29. hot buttery popcorn with garlic powder and hot sauce
  30. connecting again with a person you love but thought you'd lost
  31. kitties
  32. happy hour with friends
  33. cooking a good meal
  34. discovering new music
  35. British miniseries
  36. Sunday afternoon naps
  37. watermelon
  38. a clean house
  39. chosen families
  40. that kids wear costumes just because they can
  41. kissing
  42. almond biscotti drizzled with chocolate
  43. rainy days
  44. smoked swiss cheese
  45. singing loudly
  46. cheesy dance moves
  47. my dog
  48. green buds on trees
  49. thunderstorms
  50. fuzzy kitty bellies
  51. popsicles
  52. the power of music to connect people
  53. surprising my stepson
  54. pizza
  55. rain drumming on the roof late at night
  56. pedicures
  57. feeling like I belong
  58. love
  59. crunching through ice cubes
  60. cats purring
  61. burritos
  62. listening to a tone deaf person who loves to sing butcher their favourite song
  63. finding a bra that fits just so
  64. chocolate cake
  65. the first night you notice the fireflies have come back for the summer
  66. summery days with thunder clouds off in the distance
  67. peppermint
  68. street fairs
  69. pesto
  70. listening to wild birds outside
  71. Mad Men
  72. going out for brunch on the weekend
  73. crafting
  74. swimming
  75. the colour of the light at golden hour
  76. grapefruits
  77. being read to
  78. Scully and Mulder's dedication to bringing out the best in each other in The X-Files
  79. sushi
  80. photography
  81. random acts of kindness from strangers
  82. the cool side of the pillow
  83. kisses from my son
  84. drinking iced tea in the shade on a hot day
  85. finishing a creative project I feel really good about
  86. Sam Cooke
  87. cracking through the shell on crème brûlée
  88. poetry
  89. learning
  90. time travel
  91. how excited my dog gets every time he sees me
  92. dulce de leche ice cream
  93. the sound of my kids laughing
  94. clean sheets fresh from the line
  95. roasted Brussels sprouts
  96. old school rotary telephones
  97. dancing until my body hurts
  98. bowties
  99. warm sunshine with a slight breeze
  100. sleeping in
  101. long lists of things people love

Thanks to all the good people who answered my call!

What do you love?

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