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93/365: I Am Five

me in May 1978

This is me in May 1978.
I knit myself down into the fabric of a poncho
I wore when I was five.
It is as though I have more selves,
one locked into this space-time continuum,
travelling away from an event perceived at a linear distance,
and one who travels,
who can secretly knit me into the fabric of a poncho
I wore when I was five,
and now that secret knitting
is alerted in my brain as a recollection
suddenly collecting itself.
This is how I am now at once
the girl who was five,
the one who travels,
and the one who is co-consciously bound
inside an article of clothing
on an airport floor,
aware of the five-year-old's pleasure
with her moment in time.
I am five.

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