63/365: Energetic Bodies and Extra Cash

This is my circumference, she said. See?
Her fingertips traced a circle slowly,
while she turned on her heel.
Hold out your arm. We overlap.
Our hands touched the middles of each other's arms.
We are all eggs of energy
bigger than our bodies,
and we become one together
all the time touching each other
everywhere we go.

She traced a circle on my wrist
that I later had to scratch off
against my waistband.
She touched my cheek with her lips.

The next time I saw her,
she had a job dancing naked
in the back of a sex shop.
Men paid a dollar every two minutes
to watch her through the glass.
She wiped down the booths
for extra cash after closing,
and she complained
because there was always cum on the doorknobs.
Why do you do it? I asked.
Someone's got to wipe it off, she said.
and no one else is going to do it.

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