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58/365: Old Fear

I stroke my old cat's head.
He's run in panicked,
sure the people who used to starve and beat him
will come back with their heavy boots.
He holds onto my arm
while I tell him
You're a good boy.
You're a good, good boy.
Such a good boy

Don't we all want to be good boys?
I want to be a good boy.
I want my brow stroked,
and I want someone to coo over my worry,
to tell me that the bad people are really gone forever.
I would hold their hand,
and they would tell me
You're a good boy.
You're a good, good boy.
Such a good boy

All things could be equal,
because I would no longer be afraid.
I imagine I would rest into such assurance,
and I would feel the breath in my lungs again
like the wintergreen candies
we used to bite into inside dark closets
to watch the blue sparks they made
echo off our teeth.

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