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33/365: Ed Norton Fantasy Poem #4

I saw my face today
when it floated with me along a window,
and, just for a moment,
Ed Norton's face hovered there, too,
but just for a moment,
because I came back to this reality,
the one without Ed Norton floating next to me,
and I realized that if Ed Norton's face
actually hovered next to my reflection in a window,
it would probably be his ghost face,
and that would mean that either Ed Norton was dead
or he was a powerful astral traveller,
and being that I doubt
anyone has the ability to astral travel so hard
that they can hover their heads
thousands of miles away in broad daylight,
it would mean that he was dead,
and Ed Norton can't ever be dead,
no way,
because Ed Norton is my fantasy movie star boyfriend,
and fantasy movie star boyfriends never die.
So be it, the end,
that's how reality works.

Ed Norton,
Ed Norton,
Ed Norton.


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