Grace in Small Things: Sunday Edition #155

  1. This guy absentmindedly stroking my leg under the table with his foot when he can sense I'm agitated
  2. Brie, warmed soft by my laptop, on light crackers
  3. Having my father-in-law over last night for pizza and Netflix
  4. New shirts to replace old shirts that were making me feel unnecessarily bad about my appearance
  5. An old winter coat I dug up but still like survived the washing machine and will do me well for the rest of the winter (because it turns out that both a thicker sweater and my boobs will not fit comfortably inside my usual coat, which is stupid, because coats should accommodate for lady parts, I think, when they are not tight anywhere else)
I know I just fit a complaint into Grace in Small Things, but if you knew just how trying all of today has been, you would congratulate my fortitude. Go, me!

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