364/365: Lonely Is As Lonely Goes

This has been declared the Year of Feelings,
and it will eat our hearts out,
hand us the hard, thoughtless dreams
of beauty, of youth, of love,
of what it looks like to serve
and to be served,
of power, both what it is and how to hold it,
of consumption and the perversion of abstinence,
of possibility and want,
of fear and the loneliness of courage,
of the necessity of cruelty
and the romantic martyrdom of idealists,
leaving us hard and thoughtless.
We feel and we feel and we feel,
and this will be sold as passion,
and this will be packaged as meaningful,
and this will be repurposed as spiritual,
and it will all look very good for only $19.95 a month
or for money in the collection plate
or for the attention of strangers,
until we are all good little wallets tied up with string
for those who urge
once more, with feeling.

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