How To Make It Easier to Comment On Blogs From a Mobile Device

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Comment numbers have been dropping everywhere since the dawn of social media and mobile devices. Even bloggers who love getting comments on their blogs have stopped commenting. Why? In part, because it is hard to comment when you have to type out your name, email address, and url with your big ape thumbs.

Some blogs are impossible to comment on because their commenting systems don't jive with mobile devices, or they have irritating pop-up Captcha boxes, or whathaveyou. Those, I cannot help you with. The internet needs better designers that understand that pop-up boxes are the devil. I can help you with the-big-ape-fingers-too-much-typing problem (henceforth known as TL;DT), though.

The following is what I have done with my iPhone 5 to remedy the situation, although I am sure that this capability exists across other mobile devices, as well.

How to Create Shortcuts On an iPhone for Easier Blog Commenting

One: Open Settings. Click on General.

Two: Click on Keyboard.

shortcuts for commenting on blogs on iPhone
shortcuts for commenting on blogs on iPhone

Three: Click on Add New Shortcut…

Four: Type your name (or your email, or your url) next to Phrase, and then type the two or three letters you want to use as a prompt for that phrase next to Shortcut.

I used xx (name), yy (email), and zz (url) for my actual shortcuts, because those are short letter combos that are both easy to remember and won't likely be used in my regular typing.

Five: Click Save.

Six: Repeat steps One to Five two more times so that you create a shortcut each for your name, email, and url.

shortcuts for commenting on blogs on iPhone
shortcuts for commenting on blogs on iPhone

Seven: Go to a blog comments section using your iPhone or other mobile device. Click in one of the text fields that asks for your name, email, or url, and type the two or three letters you chose for that phrase. A prompt will pop up that shows your complete phrase.

Some text fields will automatically capitalize the first letter. If this happens in the email or url fields, simply click on the shift button (the up arrow at the lower left side of the keyboard) before you enter your shortcut to disable the capitalization of the first letter.

Eight: To automatically complete the phrase, press the space bar.

Voilà! The text field should be automatically filled in with your chosen information.

shortcuts for commenting on blogs on iPhone
shortcuts for commenting on blogs on iPhone

Where I once had to type 59 letters before I even got to typing my comment, I now only have to type six. This has made commenting a much less painful process, and I tend to comment on blogs much more often now.

Name: Elan Morgan



versus the clear winner

Name: xx

Email: yy

URL: zz

So, now that you might be able to comment with greater ease, how about we all try to leave more blog comments in the new year? Are you in?