Five Star Friday's 268th Edition Is Brought to You By Suzanne Collins

This week's Five Star Friday is brought to you by the loss of a brother, the importance of the words we choose, finding the value of even our smaller memories, being 45, the art of active waiting, and Suzanne Collins:


photo source: David Shankbone

Eventually, you hope. Obviously, we're not in a position at the moment for the eradication of war to seem like anything but a far-off dream. But at one time, the eradication of slave markets in the United States seemed very far off. I mean, people have to begin somewhere. We can change. We can evolve as a species. It's not simple, and it's a very long and drawn-out process, but you can hope.
— Suzanne Collins, Suzanne Collins: Writing "War Stories"?, Hogwarts Professor, 15 August 2010

Happy Friday!

"Us Four" by Eden Riley at Edenland:

There were times he was happy, very happy. He had a tiny little hole above his right eye and used to tell his mates that's where god put his brains in. It's vital that I communicate with you that when he was in a play he needed two bags, one of silver and one of gold. Insisting on making them himself he walked out to us with them labelled "sliver" and "glod." Poor guy never lived it down.

"Husband… Say What?!?!?!?!?" by Casacanine:

…words are like seeds. And seeds grow and produce a crop. And the crop is ALWAYS a harvest of the seed planted.

"Milk Bottle Memories" by Alison Atkin at Deathsplanation:

Be present in the moments and if you can, revisit a tradition – help yourself to make some memories, because we all take happiness for granted, and these memories will be important.

"This Is 45" by Emily Mendell at Mothers of Brothers:

At forty-five you still don't ever understand it all, but there is an acceptance of how this whole life thing works. You are quicker to say I'm sorry, slower to linger in spaces that feed you, and generally liberated from 80 percent of the shoulda-woulda-couldas that dominated your [30s].

"Waiting" by Jessie Braun at No Cigarettes, No Bologna:

Waiting actively changes what I see, what I notice. When I wait fearfully, I hear Ellie's labored breathing and think, Should I call the vet tomorrow? When I wait actively, I notice how she lays her paw on my wrist, and I think, We are holding hands.

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