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1628 Likes and Why I Am Shutting Down My Blog's Facebook Page

I wrote about why, in light of recent changes at Facebook, I am closing up my blog's Facebook page in favour of using my personal profile instead — "1628 Likes and Why I Am Shutting Down My Blog's Facebook Page":
Facebook's public pages are basically a paid advertising game now, which makes sense for Facebook, apparently, but the kind of interaction that this pushes me towards as a personal blogger is no longer a good fit for me or my content. Rather than feel upset about the changes, though, I am happy.

Facebook's throttling of public page traffic has pushed me to reexamine my engagement there — what I do, why I do it, how I do it, and who I do it with — and I have come to a more integrated and human approach again, a place that feels more meaningful to me and more true to what I commit myself to online.

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