How To Start: 40 Ways to Move Forward

  1. Raise your hand.
  2. Take a deep breath.
  3. Allow yourself to abandon other projects and activities that make you less likely to succeed at the one you truly want to pursue.
  4. See the abandonment of less fertile projects as educational, positive decision-making rather than failed attempts.
  5. Read a book.
  6. Dress like you mean it.
  7. Move, because not moving is not moving.
  8. Brew a cup of tea and relax into the skin of someone who does this sort of thing.
  9. Accept that failure is a necessary and positive step towards creating great work.
  10. Treat your dream life as though it is real in its own right.
  11. Act in the face of fear, although with properly researched caution, because fear is often just a sign that something new is happening.
  12. Sing the first note even if you are not sure of the second.
  13. Remember to rest, because constant pursuit can exhaust you, lead to improper focus, and compromise your willingness to be flexible.
  14. Write down what your mission is with four clear sentences that describe what you want to do, why you want to do it, how you want to do it, and how you want it to affect others.
  15. Make peace with someone.
  16. Go against the grain.
  17. Smile.
  18. Study what others have done to achieve similar goals.
  19. Know that your self-doubt lies to you.
  20. Eat well.
  21. Say yes more often.
  22. Be confident in the power of saying no.
  23. Look for problems you can solve.
  24. Forgive yourself for your fatal flaw, but keep an eye on it.
  25. Embrace the brilliance of doing over the ideal of success.
  26. Send an email to a potential mentor.
  27. Write a sentence, even if it belongs in the middle of something.
  28. Tell someone about your dream for yourself, and then tell two more people.
  29. Choose co-creators wisely.
  30. Look at what supports your goals and nurture those things first.
  31. Cry it out and let it go.
  32. Keep it simple.
  33. Ask for help when you feel stuck.
  34. Create a habit out of something on purpose.
  35. Declutter.
  36. Clear your mind with knitting, running, meditation, or something else that manages to turn the volume down on your thoughts.
  37. Make a list.
  38. Ignore rules about age, sex, gender, race, and social class.
  39. Enlist a persistent nagger.
  40. Treat your project as though it is a baby you must raise, and then feed, love, and guide it accordingly.