How To Tell Left From Right: The Surefire Method

When I was a kid, I had a very busy mind, and so a lot of the particulars, sometimes known as "life skills", escaped me. It wasn't until I was about ten years old that I started to figure out analog clocks and how to tell left from right. Once you start admitting to this stuff, though, other people start admitting to it, too, and it turns out a lot of us had a hard time telling left from right when we were kids. Some of us still do, and I'm here to help, because a kind person in 1982 showed me how.

Step One, the only one, to tell Left from Right

Hold up both your hands with your index fingers pointing up and your thumbs pointing in towards each other.

The hand that makes the capital L is your left hand. L = Left.

left hand

Now, go teach this to the kids in your life so we may one day have a culture of people who largely know which way to go when we're given directions.

You're welcome!