Five Star Friday's 266th Edition Is Brought to You By Maeve Binchy

This week's Five Star Friday is brought to you by urban transit poetry, wild shrews, doing beautiful things, a multiplicity of stories, love, and Maeve Binchy:


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Always write as if you are talking to someone. It works. Don't put on any fancy phrases or accents or things you wouldn't say in real life.
— Maeve Binchy

Happy Friday!

"treatypoem" by GwitchinKris at City Treaty:

but for a moment
i found home
   in the snow
   in the static
       in the love
       for my brother

"An Ode to Women Who Are Difficult to Love" at Sister of the Yam:

To you wild shrews, you "impossible highways" and "burning houses," you women that are "so [damn] difficult to love," — you too deserve safety, justice, partnerships and this is my ode to you.

"Flammables to the Face" at Ginger's Grocery:

It is so fleeting, the time we have to be pretty. We have our whole lives, though, we have countless opportunities, to do something beautiful.

"Self-Made man #25: Risk" by Thomas Page McBee at The Rumpus:

Even stories lose their boundaries. I need to be here, all skin and beard and elevator heart, where everything happens at once: the people we've been and the people we're becoming creating a weird physics, time bending us toward each other, nine million stories bumping into the night, each of us calling the others home.

"Winter Wheat and Bits of Men" by Taylor Jamieson at Pale Blue Reminders:

Men rise and fall like winter wheat…
a wise man said
and I have seen them there
and scattered the ashes
of loved ones on mountain tops
held their pieces

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