344/365: I Am Turning Right Again

late night bathroom

When I was a child, I died, and I began to wake up. I never saw the same again. When I took on sobriety, I stretched my arms out and began to breathe. I looked up, and I was part of that space for the first time. Now, I will open my eyes. I do not even know how, but knowing how has never been that important to beginning incredible tasks.

I cannot even find prettier words to tell you about this. What is is.

The night I quit drinking, I got up from the table and almost turned left, the same way I turned every night to go home, but I chose to turn right, walk off into the night on a different path I didn't know. I shivered with fear, because my city is violent, but I made it home, both physically and deeply, soulfully, mindfully, and I never walked the old path again.

I am turning right again. It's a big night out there again. It feels like saying hello again. Here I go again.

Here I go again.

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