311/365: It's All Teeth Out There

It's all teeth out there.
I went dreaming somewhere.
I just wandered off from this house
out into a place I did not know
again, like that girl who wouldn't wear the nice dress,
that one who preferred the girl who stuttered
by the pipes at the edge of the schoolyard
to running around the bases.
I went off dreaming somewhere,
walking sidelong along channels
which throve around the wiffle balls
and the king's court squares,
somewhere along that place there
where the sun is too bright again,
touching the soft middle
where the corners are less hard.
You feel too much.
Her arms were around my knees.
You feel too much, and it will hurt you.
I wanted that to mean something,
but a thing is a thing is a thing,
and I am a thing,
and the only thing for a thing to bear
is that which bears down upon it.

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