How to Back Up Your Blog and Keep Your Content Safe

I have been blogging here for over 10 years, and I try to make a regular practice of backing up my weblog entries, because I have heard terrible stories of people losing their blogs to hackers and general internet chaos. The idea of losing everything here is terrifying.

Over the weekend, though, with the death of my hard drive and the now very real possibility that I might not be able to recover my Crashplan backup, I have become even more nervous about the very real possibility that you can still lose everything even if you think you're doing everything right. Our weblogs are our homes on the internet, the frameworks that house our personalities, hearts, and often careers online, and this kind of loss can seem insurmountable.

Here is a round-up of a few short articles to help you back up your weblog data and keep your work safer, so you can avoid this kind of catastrophe:

How to Back Up Your Weblog In Squarespace, WordPress, Movable Type, Typepad, and Blogger

Squarespace 5:
Squarespace 5 is already fairly secure, but you can also export your journal entries or site data for extra weblog data protection.

Squarespace 6:
Again, Squarespace 6 is already fairly secure, but you can also export your site for extra protection.
How to Backup Your WordPress Blog In Three Easy Steps at ProBlogger
Backing Up Your Database or the simpler WordPress Backups at WordPress Codex.

Movable Type:
Documentation: Backing Up and Restoring Blogs at

Backing Up Your Content at Typepad's Knowledge Base

Import and Export Blogs at Blogger Help

It takes only minutes to add it to your weekly task list and get it done, and backing up your weblog on a regular basis will save you both insanity and heartbreak if some terrible nastiness should befall your website.

Now, go forth and ensure your weblog's safety! And do it every week! And spread the word!

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