309/365: On Paper


On paper,
we are not starving,
we are not too tired to drive,
we have everything we need to thrive.
On paper,
our cheeks are pink and shiny.
We are Campbell's soup kids
from those old ads
when America thought it was beautiful.
Nothing's the truth on paper, though.
Flat lines knit together so tidy against white
that they look impossibly right,
tell lies like
anyone deserves anything they get
this is the world we worked hard deserve
God gives us what we can take.
On paper,
daddy loves us
and boys can be taught not to rape
like our problem is boys.
On paper,
we're all growing and empowered,
one self-help affirmation away from love.
On paper,
we're flat lines knit together
impossibly right
and the paper is so, so white.

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