Kitty By Ridiculously Bright iPhone Light

Onion by iPhone light
taken with Oggl

It was dark, so I had the Palinode illuminate Onion solely with his iPhone screen, which was not set to any greater brightness than normal. I think this supports my theory that iPhone screens are too freaking bright. I mean, seriously now.


PS. If you like the look of some Hipstamatic photos but have been frustrated by the inability to choose filters after you shoot, get Oggl. Oggl is Hipstamatic's sibling app that allows you to import all of your Hipstamatic films and lenses and toggle through them after shooting so you can easily choose the effect you want.

It's my great photo app love of the moment, because it lets you shoot the Hipstamatic photos you want to without all the frustration of having to figure out the best lens and film combination before you shoot.

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