Our Creative Couples Interview with Sandra Harris At Raincoast Creative Salon


When Sandra brought this

Creative Couples

idea to me, I loved it immediately. She said we could think about it first, but we pretty much dove right in:

I'm always thinking about the creative process. And relationships. And how the two intersect.
The stereotype of the artist is the person (usually male) working on his own out back in the studio. Creating 24/7. Nothing else to focus on but the work. Then when the day is done, glasses of scotch in front of the fire while debating life with artist friends.
Maybe a critic or gallery owner stopping by.
Think Jackson Pollock in upstate New York dripping away while Lee Krasner looked after everything else. And gave up much of her career because it's a full time job being Dobby the House Elf for someone else.
But is that sustainable for either partner? Is that desirable? What about those of us who value art-making AND relationships. Who desire to create AND to have a life. Who make art AND make a family.
Who do we look to as role models for integrating art-making and life-making?

Sandra asked us about our relationship, work/life balance, and how we perceive and support each other. They were intense and thought-provoking questions to answer, especially because the


and I didn't look at each other's answers before we sent them off, but we're still married, so I think we did okay.

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