Onion Begs for a Community Nap, Ends Up As a Wood Kaleidoscope

Here's Onion. He wants it to be community nap time now:

Onion, nap begging

I took the above photo with Camera+, doctored up the colour and contrast with Snapseed, and gave it a soft vignette in KitCam.

Below, you can see what happened to it after I ran through KitCam's Kaleidoscope filter.

Onion, nap begging, kaleidoscoped

And then, because I was feeling rather app happy in the middle of the night, I ran it through Tinned Cam using the Grunge-Tin Marley grunge filter.

Onion, nap begging, kaleidoscoped, made wooden

I'm really pleased with what my needy kitty turned into. I am not entirely sure what to do with it, but I like it.

If I was more into sewing, I might make a bunch of these, print them onto material, and build a quilt out of them, but I'm not that into sewing. Any quilters out there?

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