How Is Your Blog Doing?: My Talk At BlissDom Canada

I spent the weekend at the BlissDom Canada '13 conference in Mississauga, Ontario, and now I'm laid up in bed with sinus medication and a Netflix line-up of the 1990s' Wings, because this is my post-conference routine. Conference Plague plus Introvert's Decompression means that I need some time to process the last three days of my life. At this point, I can only come up with a very succinct description: I went, I loved it, other human beings are by and large lovely, and seven hours in an airport on the way home is six hours too long in an airport.

photo credit: @phdinparenting. color processing: me.

What I do have enough energy to share with you today, though, is the five- or six-minute talk I gave called "How's Your Blog Doing?" during the Power Hour alongside Sharon DeVellis, Joe Boughner, Chris Read, Shannon Fisher, and Erica Ehm, in which I spoke about the poison of comparison and how to better measure your own success. I don't have a video of the talk itself, but I do have my visual presentation that ran alongside it. I jambed 16 slides into less than six minutes, so they pretty much speak for themselves. Also? I like to think that I can do up a pretty mean PowerPoint presentation. Enjoy!


UPDATE: I do not have a text version of "How Is Your Blog Doing?" to share, because, despite the fact that I am a writer, I don't actually write my talks down. I make them up by talking them through over and over out loud while I design the PowerPoint components.

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