A Happy Lula Update


So many people have emailed, tweeted, facebooked, and commented here to let me know they're thinking of Lula and hoping for her recovery, so I wanted to update everyone:

Lula is out of surgery and ready to come home!

I got the happy news from the Animal Clinic of Regina while I was having a quiet lunch this afternoon in the hotel in Mississauga before BlissDom Canada hits full swing, and I wept right there into my napkin. I got cheese in my eye, and I didn't even care.

It's gorgeous, this love thing. It extends everywhere, even to the little furry critters who fight and yowl because they think it's their job to stick their claws into another cat's ass on the regular.

Also, thanks goes out to Annie, who tolerated my awkward distraction while she ate her lunch and who played along when I showed her pictures of my Lula.

I can breathe again.

My cat lady metamorphosis is now nearly finished. I'm keeping my eye out for just the right sequinned cat sweatshirt to complete my transformation.

275/365: Lesbo Xanadu

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