This Is the "When I Say Glerups, You Say Yes!" Slippers Giveaway

Glerups Canada

sent me a pair of slippers, because I thought it would be a great idea to share them. I did not receive monetary compensation for the following review and giveaway aside from the slippers, because I deemed these fantastic babies to be sufficient. True story.

I can't remember where I saw my first pair of Glerups slippers, but I do remember thinking that they were my ideal slipper, and I am not kidding when I tell you that I have dreamt about them on and off ever since. Then — brilliant idea! — I thought I should have some and that


should have some, too.

Glerup slippers

On the surface, slippers don't seem like something to get excited about, but that's only if you're thinking about the average slipper, and


slippers are not average slippers. I can say this without hesitation, because I am a perpetually cold-footed person who lives in a 99-year-old building without carpets, and I spent last winter doubling and tripling up on socks and shuffling around the apartment with uncomfortably bound toes. These puppies keep me toasty with no toe-binding, and I'm hooked.

Glerup slippers

Glerups call themselves "the indoor shoe", which is actually more apt than "slipper". They are made from 100% pure wool (it doesn't itch my sensitive feet in the least, honest), which is made into socks and then felted with steam to form a more solid foot shape, and then a calfskin sole is added for longer wear and less slipping. These are not your grandma's crocheted booties.

I have nothing against your grandma's crocheted booties, though — I've owned a few pairs myself — but these are just better. I have not intention of harshing on your grandma.

Glerup slippers

I asked Lula what she thought of my slippers, and she didn't look very impressed, but since she's mostly recovered from

her horrible and fairly disgusting brush with death

, she's back to hating things. It's good to see. She would probably hate them less, though, if they were kitty-sized and she could experience the cozy warmth.

Thinking of putting booties on Lula has reminded me of a cat I used to have, Ramon. I had a leash harness for him, which he didn't seem to mind much, but he would only walk backwards when he had it on, performing a somersault to change direction whenever he ran into something with his butt.

On second thought, Lula would hate kitty-sized slippers, and now I have to share with you another stupid thing I've been reminded of: Kitten Mittons!

Okay, back to

these Glerups

. I've basically been living in mine whenever I'm not in public, my feet haven't been cold in weeks, and it's time you had a pair. Consider these a gift from me to you, unless you don't win them, in which case you should cut your losses and go buy a pair.

Glerup slippers

Here's how to enter this


giveaway (sorry everyone else):

If you would like ONE chance to get your hands on a pair of

Glerups indoor shoes

, do


of the following; if you would like TWO chances to win, you can do


of the following


  1. Leave a comment on this post telling me why you want these slippers, and, if you are so moved, anything else you feel like talking about. I'm easy.
  2. Post the following tweet on Twitter:
  3. This pair of Glerups indoor shoes might be mine. Or yours. @schmutzie's got a giveaway! #Glerups4Us

I will pick one lucky person at random using on October 22nd at midnight, and I will announce the winner here and on Twitter.

Until then, I'm just going to be over here living in my Glerups, because they are lovely. I hope you win!



The Glerups giveaway has now ended! I used

to pick one comment on this website and one tweet on Twitter, and then I used again to pick one of those two to be the winner, and the winner is…

Wait for it…

Electric Maenad!

If you're still in deep need of a pair of Glerups slippers and didn't win this round, check out the

Glerups store locater

and find a store that has them near you.

Thank you to everyone who played along!