Boston Mamas Has a Brand New Face

I worked collaboratively with Christine Koh to give Boston Mamas a brand new face, and I am so pleased with how her site has come together:

From Christine at Boston Mamas:
I obsessed over new colorways and designed the new ducks masthead and a general wireframe, then Elan worked her design and technical wizardry to up the awesome on the layout I proposed and make the platform change from Movable Type to SquareSpace work shockingly seamlessly.
Christine is very complimentary of my work, but she was a joy to work with. It helps that we generally agree on everything, but her logo work brought the design into focus, and she had a clear vision for Boston Mamas functionally and visually.

Thank you for the great experience, Christine!

Now, everyone else? Go take a look and welcome Boston Mamas to its new home and look!

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