Late Night Church Doors and How to (Hopefully) Save a Wet iPhone

church doors
taken with Camera+, and then run through Camera Awesome

I dropped my iPhone in a toilet on December 31st — don't put your phone in your back pocket, people! — and after three days in a bowl of rice, it seems to be back in working in order.

Here's my advice for how to (hopefully) save a wet iPhone:
  1. DO NOT TURN YOUR iPHONE ON OR PRESS ANY BUTTONS TO SEE IF IT'S WORKING. This might be your first reflex, but pressing anything only increases the likelihood that you will push water further into your iPhone.
  2. DO NOT SHAKE YOUR iPHONE. This is another reflex you might have in order to get as much water off and out of your iPhone as possible, but shaking it also moves water that may have gotten inside, and we don't want that.
  3. DO NOT USE COMPRESSED AIR TO BLOW WATER OUT OF BUTTONS, JACKS, OR DOCK CONNECTORS. As with point #1, this only increases the likelihood that you will push water further into your iPhone.
  4. Fill a bowl with rice and bury your iPhone in it as soon as possible.
  5. Switch out the rice in the bowl for drier rice every few hours.
  6. Wait for at least three days before attempting to revive your iPhone.
  7. Hope, pray if that's what you're into, and brace yourself for how much it's going to cost to replace this thing, because there are no guarantees.
Luckily for me, it worked! Hallelujah.


UPDATE: So, it turns out that the rice cure only worked so well. My iPhone ran perfectly off the juice it already had before the accident, but it won't recharge at all, which means that the battery still works, but whatever powers it up does not. OH, THE SADNESS.

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