13/365: Pills

I just got so tired
of all the snow falling through the July sky
and how every parked car had a dead body in it,
so I told a doctor about what I saw,
and he gave me pills
that took away the snow
and the dead bodies in the cars,
but the pills took away everything else, too.
They took away my skin temperature.
I was the same temperature as everything else
like the couch or the side table,
or a telephone,
yes, I was just like a telephone.
I spoke when spoken to
and I was the temperature of the room,
but it was exactly like before
when I just got so tired,
and my skin felt like plastic under my nails,
like my flesh was a styrofoam packing container
around a person who used to see
bodies in cars.

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Grace in Small Things: Sunday Edition #123