A List of Things That Are Going On

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I have been a rather busy little chickadee these last few weeks, and, although I keep meaning to sit down and document some of the important things that have been transpiring around these parts, I can't seem to carve out enough time to write actual paragraphs. That's why I'm here at midnight writing a list of hings that are going on, and you can all use your imaginations to colour in the outlines.
  1. As of sometime tomorrow, if we can figure out who to get the keys from, the Palinode and I will the proud new owners of a heritage condo. We've never been mortgage custodians before, and we weren't even planning on it as little as a month ago, so this whole process has been very wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am please-sign-over-your-soul-here-please. It'll be a relief to finally have the keys and figure out what it is we just did.
  2. I hit two years sober about two weeks ago. TWO YEARS. There was a time in my life when I thought I would drink until I died looking way uglier than I had to, and I'm more than a little stunned to find myself two years dry and counting.
  3. On September 9th, I will have been quit smoking for three years. It's all clean living over here.
  4. I'm spending the 4 months leading up to my 40th birthday raising enough money through Charity: Water to give 40 people access to clean water, and we're already 20% there at only four days in. If we keep this up, we'll blow right past my original goal of $2,650 and raise $16,033. Why not think big when it comes to changing the world?
  5. I have several blog entries started about things like our role online as intimacy machines, how the idea that a belief in our dreams is what makes them happen actually leads to cultural empathy loss, sobriety at the two-year mark, how editing is just the kind of passionate lovemaking your writing wants, and several lists I keep for those ideas that I can't find the paragraphs for. (I am hoping that writing them down here will increase the likelihood of me actually finishing them.)
And now I'm off to bed where I will do my damned best not to roll around all night fighting off anxiety dreams filled with burst pipes and house fires.

Sweet dreams, me. You're a homeowner in the morning!

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