40 Things That Are Brave To Do

This list goes well with a couple of other fear and bravery lists I've written before. Check out 25 Things of Which I Am Afraid and 25 Things That Make Me Feel Brave.

Aidan at lunch at Fresh & Sweet

the Palinode over lunch

  1. Stand alone in front of people and sing, act, be funny, or deliver a talk
  2. Have a dissenting opinion and voice it
  3. Share your smallest, everyday fears
  4. Ask for help
  5. Go to the dentist
  6. Quit a comfortable job
  7. Have faith in something
  8. Tell someone you love them
  9. Stand up for someone else
  10. Defend the rights of someone you dislike
  11. Face a review of your work
  12. Risk your own life to save another
  13. Be ordinary
  14. Stop talking and listen
  15. Eat unfamiliar food
  16. Tell people what you are good at
  17. Forgive someone...
  18. ...and, even more difficult, forgive yourself
  19. Admit when you are wrong
  20. Walk away from something that hurts you
  21. Parent a child
  22. Feel afraid but take the next step anyway
  23. Move to a new city
  24. Confront the person who has hurt you the most
  25. Ask for what you want
  26. Give up something you love
  27. Volunteer to help people in hard situations such as palliative care or homeless shelters
  28. Get married
  29. Go out by yourself in public
  30. Audition
  31. Learn to live through, and sometimes beyond, grief
  32. Come out of the closet
  33. Spend time on a nudist colony
  34. Accept criticism without shooting the messenger
  35. Set out your boundaries and be firm about them
  36. Let go of anger and resentment
  37. Admit that you don't know how to do something
  38. Cry
  39. Be satisfied with what you have
  40. Live mindfully

I need to acknowledge that this list has about a hundred co-authors, because after I'd worked on it for a while, I asked the fine people of Twitter what they had to add, and they had a lot to say.

And you? What do you think are brave things to do?