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Onion's Great Nap: A Workflow with Camera+ and Percolator

The original photo was taken with Camera+:

Onion's nap 1

Still in Camera+, click Edit » Scenes » Beach. Save it to the Camera Roll.

Onion's nap 2

Open the photo in Percolator.

Grind, choose Extra Fine, tap the small arrow next to it, and choose Smallest under Circles and High Contrast under Effect. Click the blue Re-Grind button.

Brew, choose Treble, tap the small arrow next to it, and choose ¾ under Pic and Darkest under Blend. Click the small arrow next to Treble again to close the options.

Serve, choose Black, tap the small arrow next to it, and choose Rise-n-Shine under Tone and Smooth under Texture. Click the small arrow next to Black again to close the options.

Click the
heart icon and "Save Image to Photos".

Onion's nap 3

Open the photo in PictureShow, click the center of the top menu, and choose LomoGraphy.

Save the photo to the
Camera Roll.


Onion's nap 4

Before and after:

Onion's nap 1Onion's nap 4

This is my kitty Onion sleeping in the sun, having the nap I wish I was having.

And, yes, I realize that the second photo is perfectly fine as is, but Percolator's too much fun not to play with, don't you think?

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