Say Goodbye to Feedburner and Say Hello to New FeedBlitz Feeds

Feedburner Is Done For

Feedburner, a popular Google tool for sharing weblog updates, is going down the tubes. On October 20th, Google is shutting down yet another useful, functional, and broad-reaching service.

I'm not bitter about this at all.

FeedBlitz Saves the Day!

A lot of you who subscribe to my site's feed to keep up with what is going on over here will eventually stop receiving updates because of this discontinued service, which nobody likes, least of all me. In response, I have migrated all my feeds over to FeedBlitz, which is a paid service that comes with stability, great stats and newsletter tools, and excellent customer support.

What This Means For You At

If you already receive an email when I update this site, you don't have to do anything.

If you subscribe to this site through a feedreader, you will have to re-subscribe using one of the following new feed links (the orange buttons), or you can change to email updates (the red buttons) if you'd prefer to find me in your inbox: All-In-One
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Thank you for switching!

If you have your website's feed burned through Feedburner, consider yourself warned that it is not long for this world, and check out FeedBlitz. They even has a handy dandy Feedburner Migration Guide to help you through these trying times.


UPDATE: Apparently, Feedburner isn't dying altogether. Google is deprecating the Feedburner API among several others, which means that your feed and its analytics are supposed to stay where they are, leaving only third party services affected.

I don't know about you, but this does not fuel my confidence in the ongoing life of Feedburner or in the availability of any customer service should anything go wrong. There are already too many stories of people whose feeds have dropped many if not all of their subscribers, and I'm just not comfortable leaving something this important waving out there in Google's wind.

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