The Happiest Little Painter Alive Today

If you are waiting to hear from me, this is what's keeping me away from my usual duties this week:

painter's hand

I am painting the entire interior of our new condo.

Don't judge the colours by what you see on my hands there. That's tinted primer. I'm a little freaked out about how our place is shaping up to look like the guts of a giant, inside out birthday cake, but I'm keeping the faith until the actual paint sets.

I'm trying to get all the painting done before Sunday when we move all our stuff in, and I feel like I should have trained for this. I knocked my left kneecap out with the ladder yesterday, and my right side is telling me that it wants muscle relaxants and a hot bath.

If you see someone hobbling down the street in a Homestar Runner t-shirt who looks like a children's birthday party threw up on her, that's me, the happiest little painter alive today.

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