While I Recover My Senses, Here Are Some Pretty Party Pictures of Sparklecorn at BlogHer

I just returned home this afternoon from a 24-hour festival of thunderstorms, plane delays, missed connections, and a hotel with lumpy bedding while the Palinode and I tried to find our way back to Canada from BlogHer '12 in New York. I am more than a touch exhausted. If the travel weren't enough of a reason to spend the next 12 hours unconscious, I think the client and board meetings, volunteering, sitting on two conference panels, and navigating a conference of 5000 women definitely contributed.

So, here is a collection of pretty party pictures I took with my iPhone at MamaPop's Sparklecorn party at BlogHer. Pretty! Party! Pictures!

Sparklecorn 2012, one

That unicorn cake up there? It played little electronic cat noises out of speakers near its butt.

Sparklecorn 2012, three

I don't drink anymore, so I have to invent my own entertainment sometimes when parties devolve into drunken squeeing and declarations of affection.

Sparklecorn 2012, four

I wandered the edges of the party and just kept training my camera straight at the strobing lights, hoping for the best.

Sparklecorn 2012, seven

There were about fifty terrible images of random smears of light and tossing hair, but a few of them have interesting shapes and colours that I appreciate. I kind of like the damp blur created by my lack of a tripod and the low lighting.

Sparklecorn 2012, nine

Dear god, I am a tired chicken.

Sparklecorn 2012, ten

Until I write some kind of conference wrap-up entry, I'll let you know that BlogHer was capital-g Good, and New York was capital-h Hot, and it hasn't quite clicked yet that I can't just walk out my apartment door and run into giddy bloggers in the hallway. This makes me kind of sad.

Sparklecorn 2012, eleven

So, I'll be back when my brain recovers and I manage to get my poop in a group.


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