A Waking Dreamer's Nightmare

my filling fell out

A filling fell out.

It was small enough

that I almost missed it,

but I fished it out of my cheek

and carried it

pressed between my thumb and forefinger

for so many hours

that it left divot in the pad of my thumb

for a whole day afterwards.

Then there was a molar

whose back end fell off.

I thought it was a harder nut

and tossed it to the back of my tongue

and gulped.

It wasn't until I cut my tongue

on the jagged tooth

that I knew the piece was gone.

Now I am sure

I eat my own teeth daily

like a waking dreamer's nightmare.

Every foreign thing that touches my tongue

is a piece of me now

swallowed hard.

Five Star Friday's 202nd Edition Is Brought to You By Phyllis Diller

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