We Were On a Boat!

The Palinode and took a short trip up to Waskesiu in Prince Albert National Park over last weekend and early this week.


I spent half the time locked away in a room in my pajamas trying to work armed only with my computer and the slowest internet known to man since 1996 dial-up.

Waskesiu Marina

I did get out, though, if only to make sense of the fact that we had travelled five hours north to one of the most beautiful places on earth.


As you can see, we went sailing!

Aidan with a camera

We didn't really sail so much as my two uncles did things with masts and sails and ropes while the Palinode and I took in one of the most gorgeous days I've seen all summer.


You know what I learned? There is no email on a boat in the middle of a lake that doesn't have wifi.

Aidan, Stan, and Dave's feet

I need my own portable giant lake with no wifi that I can roll out when needed.

sail and sky

Are you very excited by all these pictures I took on the boat?

Aidan and me

I bet you are.


It's okay now, though, because it's almost over.

Waskesiu Marina

See? All better. There, there.

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