5 Things That Made Me Really Happy This Week


Casey Mullins' Ignite Evo 2012 talk about how to be and feel awesome at conferences is a good watch even if you're not going to any conferences. She gives good bossy finger.


The Dog Bless You Holly's Half Dozen service puppy live cam will warm your little stone of a heart.


Also NSFW:



Home Is A Hard Lesson. Register now.Schmutzie.com's latest encourager:

Live It To The Full's Home Is A Hard Lesson online writing workshop will help you write "...the conflict between who you are and where you're from":
Based loosely on the concept of "every creative person has a complicated relationship with where they're from," participants will respond to a daily prompt designed to cause consideration, self-inquiry and discovery.

By the end of the four weeks, participants will have crafted and revised one complete personal essay that speaks to the concept of home as a place, a memory, a history and an essential part of who we are.
So, go check out Home Is A Hard Lesson online writing workshop. It's a great opportunity for life writers, journallers, and seekers alike.

Five Star Friday's 198th Edition Is Brought to You By Flannery O'Connor

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