Dandelion Lawn: The Evolution of a Photograph Edited Through Four Apps

I always share the apps I use with each iPhone photo I post, but I have rarely shown my work, so I thought I would take a moment show an image at each stage of the editing process.

The original photo was taken with Hipstamatic using the Americana lens with Blanko Freedom 13 film:

dandelion lawn pic evolution 1

Then, the photo was run through Camera+ using the Clarity filter in Scenes:

dandelion lawn pic evolution 2

Then, it was run through PhotoToaster using Instamatic in the Basic filters set:

dandelion lawn pic evolution 3

Then, as a final step to reduce graininess due to low light, the photo was run through Noise Master with a Noise Reduction Level of 25.

dandelion lawn pic evolution 4

And that, folks, is how we got from this to this:

dandelion lawn pic evolution 1dandelion lawn pic evolution 4

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