TEDx Talks: Elan Morgan's "Self-Doubt and the Power of Personal Narrative" at TEDxRegina

I have spoken on panels at blogging conferences before, but, until May, I had not stood in front of a group of people to speak alone since my grade 12 English class in 1989. I delivered that talk through two plastic spoons dressed in superhero capes while I hid behind the teacher's desk that I was using as a spoon stage, because public speaking is my greatest fear next to death.

Naturally, of course, I chose to talk about self-doubt, and the business of getting my talk together became a study in my own subject while I worried over images and the structure of my storyline. Working toward this TEDxRegina talk required me to call upon a level of personal fortitude I honestly wasn't sure I had, but it turns out now that I do, and it is this medium and so many of you over the last almost nine years that brought me here to this point where I can accomplish things I once had no faith I could accomplish.

Thank you.


PS. Here are the slides from my presentation by themselves: