Please Tell Me That Bloody Carrot Is the Hair Colour of Cool Maturity

Before I got married in 2001, I panicked about life changes and ended up dyeing, then perming, then bleaching, and then dyeing my hair again all within the span of two weeks. I did all of that myself at home with ten-dollar boxes of chemicals. I'm lucky that it didn't all fall out before the wedding.

Years before, I shaved my head when I feared that a relationship was ending.

It seems that I use my hair to deal outwardly with the inward grief and fear of life changes, so what can you expect that I've been up to in the lead up to my TEDxRegina talk tomorrow afternoon? Overprocessing my hair, of course!

first dye

I dyed it first three days ago. It was a light reddish brown. It brightened my colour a bit, nothing too drastic, which is what I wanted. It was a little on the orange side, though, and I'd missed a patch on the side, so, of course, there had to be a re-dye.

I decided that I wanted to deepen the colour bit and maybe tone the red the down, so I chose a medium brown colour for the second dye job. I know it's iffy to dye one's hair again so soon, especially with a different colour than the first dye, but I'm nothing if not confident in my abilities when it comes to screwing with my own hair.

I applied it this morning, certain I was going to come out with a deeper, slightly more mature colour. I was going to look smokin' hot at TEDx!


Um, yeah, no.

The new colour, while definitely deeper, lacks the sobering effect of maturity for which I was hoping, unless BLOODY CARROT is the hair colour of cool maturity these days.

Something tells me it's not.

second dye


Hello, TEDxRegina! You'll know me by my orange glow.

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