Dye and a Hair Cut, Two Bits

I gave myself a home dye job and a haircut today, and then I somehow lost the ability to take decent iPhone photos. I proved myself to be beyond cool on all fronts.

new haircut 1

I am the worst sort of person, if you are the sort of person who judges people for cutting their own hair.

I know I am that sort of person. One of my favourite insults? That person looks like he/she cuts his/her own hair.

My hypocrisy is naked.

new haircut 2

As a change, I left a little more on top than usual. Yes, that is a little more on top than usual.

Also, yes, I did it blind without my glasses, and, yes, I think I missed a patch of hair there on the side with the dye.

new haircut 3

I think I look pretty cute, regardless.

new haircut 4

On tomorrow's agenda? I'm buying another box of hair dye. Patchy dye jobs cannot be passed off as a justifiable style choice. Even if you feel cute.

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