25 Things In Which I Do Not Find Much Value

Aidan says ooh
Oooooh! Schmutzie's put on her judgy hat!
  1. Axe products
  2. Insisting that government decisions must follow the religiously prescribed morality of one particular group over all others, religious and secular alike
  3. Crunchy peanut butter
  4. Not striving for quality and ongoing improvement in your creative work
  5. Shoes that are uncomfortable
  6. Repeated declarations that blogging is dead, as though it is not a medium with wide-ranging success being employed by everyone from individuals to mainstream media
  7. Thong underwear
  8. Moral outrage
  9. Plain donuts without any sugar or honey-dipping
  10. Attacking people who come from a place of acknlowledged privilege for witnessing the lives of those without that privilege
  11. Fondant
  12. Declaring that anything isn't fair
  13. Not using the Oxford comma
  14. Designing a website that makes blog content difficult to access or engage with
  15. Lying awake at 2:00 a.m. and wondering if getting four bars on your iPhone in your bedroom means that you are more likely to get cancer than when you are getting one bar
  16. Diets that insist an entire class of natural food is bad for you
  17. Being mean as a way to assert dominance
  18. Fundamentalism, religious or otherwise
  19. Non-alcoholic beer
  20. Denying the need for feminism
  21. Those insane cheekbone implants paired with facelifts that make people look like Spitting Image puppets
  22. Arguing with commenters on sites like YouTube or just about any newspaper's website
  23. Reborn dolls
  24. Criticizing a woman for her appearance in a situation that has little or nothing to do with her appearance
  25. Toe cleavage

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